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2D/3D drawing → evaluate and quote → If the price accepted by the two parties and confirmed the final drawing→ make a PI for customer(or customer sent us PO)→customer transfer the down payment→Sales sent order to PMC→ Engineering design mould drawing → mold making→ finished,mold first trial → sent samples to customer and let they confirm → (if any problems then modify the mould,and sent samples to customer again) →After customer confirm samples are OK, then place the order of mass production → sales sent order to PMC → Pre-production meeting → die cast→ remove gage blocks,remove excessive flash(burr) → Drilling,Tapping→ CNC→polishing → surface treatment → QC →packing→shippmentAromatec packaging produce professional metal caps for many luxury brandsPlease contact us...
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PlasticThis is the most common packaging material and, at the same time, one of the most difficult to dispose of. The factors common to all plastics are that they are light, strong cheap to manufacture. It is for these reasons that they are used so much, as an alternative to cardboard glass packaging materials.Almost 10% of our rubbish consists of different types of plastic. They are a problem in landfills as they are bulky, they contaminate degrade slowly.Separated the rest of the waste, they can must be upgraded for the good of everyone. MetalAppropriate for packaging foods (canned foods). For drinks, such as soft drinks beers, aluminium is often used.Tin plate is a solid, heavy steel covered with tin to protect it against rust. It is used to package canned foods. It can be separate...
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The Best Perfume Brands & CompaniesOriginally by AromaTec Packaging  Aug 03,2017Who are the most famous perfume makers? Which brand do you trust to make you smell good? 1 Chanel2 Gucci3 Dolce & Gabbana4 Christian Dior S.A. 5 Prada6 Versace7 Hermès8 Bulgari 9 Tom Ford 10 Burberry 11 Emporio 12 Yves Saint Laurent 13 Lancôme 14 Chloé15 Vera Wang16 Marc Jacobs 17 Ralph Lauren 18 Davidoff19 Paco Rabanne20 Calvin Klein21 Jean-Paul Gaultier22 DKNY 23 Acqua di Parma24 Clinique 25 Guerlain26 Hugo Boss27 Perry Ellis28 Roberto Cavalli29 Christian Lacroix30 Tommy Bahama 31 Serge Lutens 32 Tommy Hilfiger33 Thierry Mugler34 Estee Lauder Inc 35 Nicole Miller36 Firmenich37 Acqua Di Gio38 Joop39 Coach, In...
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